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1. INTRODUCTION - Commercial car shipping for Military

Welcome to POVShipping.eu, a dedicated website for commercial car shipping for EU based Armed Forces and DoD civilian personnel. This website was created by SCL Rotterdam, one of the biggest commercial car shippers in Europe. 

About POVShipping.eu

POVShipping.eu provides clear and to-the-point information on commercial car shipping (POV shipping) for EU based Armed Forces and military personnel. Although SCL Rotterdam ships primarily for businesses and consumers, we are proud to be handling increasing numbers of commercial POV shipments for USAREUR, USAFE and NATO. In response to positive feedback on our service levels and shipping rates by several military related clients, we decided to put up a dedicated website to cater to the specific needs of this valued customer group.

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Please visit SCL Rotterdam's corporate website on worldwide vehicle shipping for business and consumer: www.sclnl.nl

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Shipping your POV at the Government's expense is handled through Global POV Contracts. Please consult your sponsor or local Transportation Office.

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POVShipping.eu / SCL Rotterdam is in no way affiliated with the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, NATO or related organizations. SCL Rotterdam does not have contract agreements with these organizations for the handling of POV shipping at the Government's expense. Our shipping services as featured on this website are commercial and are provided to military related personnel who need to ship a (second) vehicle at their own expense.


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